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Moving to Merit-Based Incentives

CTK recently came across a dated yet very insightful and relevant Bersin by Deloitte article titled Moving to Merit-Based Incentives. Author Brenda Kowske suggests merit-based incentives afford the opportunity to reward behaviors, attitudes, and values critical to the success of the business.  She outlines an approach to shifting away from...

2014 Global Assessment Trends

Corporate Executive Board (CEB) recently released their 2014 Global Assessment Trends Report based on a survey of 1,406 HR professionals.  The report provides unique insight into how organizations identify the best talent across the employee lifecycle and is focused on three areas: the HR landscape in 2014, the nature of assessment use...

Assessments 2014: Consistency is Key

Aberdeen recently released their 2014 research on assessments, highlighting that consistency is key. As assessments have become more widely adopted, organizations are finding them valuable in helping to evaluate the performance and potential of candidates and employees, but they must continue to use them more consistently to see the biggest...

HR Basics: How to Write a High Performance Job Description

Finding the right people to fill your open positions begin with job descriptions. TLNT shares some tips on writing a high performance job description.   Include specific duties - Break up tasks by percentages so potential candidates are aware of their duties. Include a job objective - Include the big picture....

We Need to Get Rid of Resumes and Job Descriptions

The use of traditional recruiting methods is preventing companies from hiring the best talent. But if we banish job descriptions, pre-assessment tests and resumes, what are we left with? An article from TLNT offers some options:   Prepare a performance-based (instead of a skill-based) job description. What does success look...

The 5 Attributes of High-Performing Employees

Slow and steady may win the race, but you need a star to make real progress. TLNT shares attributes to look for when hiring.   Resumes offer clues on people's performance abilities. Graduating summa cum laude with a double major? Overachiever. "Do or do not. There is no try." Ask...

5 Values to Help You Determine Right Fit When Hiring

According to an article from Recruiting Blogs, "if you want to determine whether a potential new hire will fit your company culture, you should start by defining your company culture and then the potential hire." Here are 5 values to help you determine if your candidate is the right fit....

HCM Trends for 2014

Aberdeen recently released their Human Capital Management Trends for 2014, outlining how best-in-class companies improve engagement, performance and customer experience.  Based on a survey of leading companies, Aberdeen found that the inability to find needed talent, and the cost and complexity of developing skills and leadership talent from within are the...
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