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5 Critical Priorities HR Can't Afford to Ignore in 2015

In a recent TLNT article titled 5 Critical Priorities HR Can't Afford to Ignore in 2015, author Jean Martin from CEB outlines 5 key trends for 2015: 1. Attract and retain "enterprise contributors" - Develop employees who perform well individually and who accomplish tasks by working effectively with and through others....

HR Wins: Real Stories of Successful Talent Management Journeys

In a recent webinar titled HR Wins: Real Stories of Successful Talent Management Journeys, Laurie Ruettimann shares, based on her expertise and several case studies/success stores, how to create a talent management philosophy aligned with business objectives, get people on board and use talent management to support these goals.  ...

Onboarding with Appreciation

In an article on O.C. Tanner, Debbie Urbanik talks about the criticality of a structured onboarding process supplemented with appreciation to improve employee engagement and retention.  As she points out, "90% of organizations believe that employees make the decision to stay within the first year."  Simply assigning a mentor for...

How Local Attention Can Solve the Global Retention Problem

If office equipment were to disappear as quickly as talent does, an investigation would immediately be launched. But yet we let capable employees walk out the door, taking their knowledge and talent to a competitor. Lead Change Group discusses what managers can do to reduce the chances of their best...

Incredible Performance Starts with Onboarding

Breakeven point is the point where gains equal losses. The quicker an employee reaches this point, the more return on investment the employer gets. RecruitingBlogs discusses how incredible performance begins with onboarding.   According to SHRM, "Onboarding is the process by which new hires get adjusted to the social and performance...

Expert Advice on Employee Retention

In 2009, only 28% of companies considered employee retention a main concern. 5 years later, 57% of companies are now putting retention on that list of main concerns. RecruitingBlogs share words of wisdom from experts in HR or leadership, on how to increase retention and fight turnover.   "Organizations have...

Challenges in Retaining Talent

One of the biggest challenges HR is currently facing is retaining talent. An article from ASTD discusses the external and internal factors that can lead to employees leaving.   External factors: Better job offers and international relocation. Internal factors: Organizational culture, lack of work-life balance, poor relationships, bothersome commute, and...

A Snapshot of How Fierce the Competition for Talent Really is

Citing the 'Talent Trends 2014: What's on the Mind of the Professional Workforce' study conducted by LinkedIn, a recent article from Washington Post highlighted how fierce the war for talent really is.   In a survey of 18,000 workers in 26 countries, the study found that: 47% engaged in professional...
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