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5 Critical Priorities HR Can't Afford to Ignore in 2015

In a recent TLNT article titled 5 Critical Priorities HR Can't Afford to Ignore in 2015, author Jean Martin from CEB outlines 5 key trends for 2015: 1. Attract and retain "enterprise contributors" - Develop employees who perform well individually and who accomplish tasks by working effectively with and through others....

Moving to Merit-Based Incentives

CTK recently came across a dated yet very insightful and relevant Bersin by Deloitte article titled Moving to Merit-Based Incentives. Author Brenda Kowske suggests merit-based incentives afford the opportunity to reward behaviors, attitudes, and values critical to the success of the business.  She outlines an approach to shifting away from...

2014 Global Assessment Trends

Corporate Executive Board (CEB) recently released their 2014 Global Assessment Trends Report based on a survey of 1,406 HR professionals.  The report provides unique insight into how organizations identify the best talent across the employee lifecycle and is focused on three areas: the HR landscape in 2014, the nature of assessment use...

War for Talent – Time to Change Direction

KPMG recently released their latest War For Talent report, in which they highlight that the current war for talent is different than years past, with addressing skill shortages being a higher priority.  This is believed to be due to millennials being less interested in traditional roles and the scarcity of...

Majority of Companies Misidentify High Potentials

In a recent study, CEB reported that more than two-thirds of companies are misidentifying their high-potential (HiPo) employees, jeopardizing long-term corporate performance. Talent Management Magazine highlights some major findings of the study.   To keep top talent around, organizations need to re-evaluate their HiPo programs. Major corporations spend $3 million...

3 Steps for Finding Your Next Top Performer

According to Entrepreneur, "average" employees are costing your company more money than you think. In a study they conducted with a growing franchise organization in the remodeling industry, they found that the average monthly sales for the franchises run by top performers were more than $100,000 greater than those run...
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