Using Competency-Based Hiring to Capitalize on Candidate Potential

Posted October 24 2013
In the recent blog article Capitalize on Candidate Potential, the author states that in today's economy numerous professionals are engaged in an active job search, particularly those within industries hit hard by the economic downturn - automotive, real estate, construction, etc.  This leaves many professionals trying to find work outside of their industries. While they lack industry experience, many are highly educated, have great references and demonstrate strong soft skills (e.g., work ethic, determination).

Instead of just checking off boxes for candidates who meet industry requirements, the author argues hiring managers should also look for candidates who are passionate and willing to go the distance. This is where competency-based hiring comes in handy. Traditional hiring focuses on industry/technical qualifications and skills, whereas a competency-based approach includes analysis of a candidate's behavioral characteristics as well (e.g., communication, work ethic, detail orentation).

When using the competency-based approach, CTK suggests focusing on three types of competencies: core, cross-functional, and functional (technical).  Adopting a competency-based hiring model (i.e., behavioral-based interviewing) is well worth the effort given it provides a more holistic assessment of a candidate's competence, facilitates an objective/legally defensible hiring process and enables sophisticated hiring decisions.  This models allows you to hire exceptional workers, whether within or outside of your industry.
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