7 Hottest Trends in HR Technology

Posted October 07 2013

human-resources-technologyIn the past decade, technology has been dominating the HR and talent management space. Here are the latest upcoming trends in HR technology:

  1. A Move From Quantity to Quality. As we've mentioned before, it's important for organizations to carefully decide which technology to adopt. Instead of asking, “Is this amazing technology?”, the question will become, “Is this technology a good match for us?”
  2. The Number Of So-Called Breakthrough HR Technologies Will Diminish. As with many technologies, we're now seeing an emphasis on refining core existing technologies, as opposed to introducing something new. Beware of vendors who try to sell you complicated solutions.
  3. It’s All About Implementation. Ignore all the bells and whistles, the shiny toys and pretty graphics. In the end it’s about usage, smart data and building stronger teams. Make sure your technology is worth the implementation.
  4. Analytics Is The Special Sauce. We're now looking for numbers to back up our claims.
  5. Social Media And Continuous Learning Continues To Grow In Significance. Within an organization, social media, social learning and big data are an unparalleled communication and cohesion tool if understood and utilized correctly.
  6. Real Time Talent Management Matters. As we've mentioned in our previous article, annual reviews are a thing of the past. Tools that allow continuous monitoring of performance are better for everyone.
  7. Mobile, Mobile, Mobile. To keep up with the upcoming generation, you need to be mobile-friendly in design and ease of usage.
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