30 Irritating Phrases at Work

Posted August 26 2013

In graduate school, you're taught to write concisely and remove unnecessary wording. However, in the business world, people tend to use unnecessary jargon!  Bernard Marr recently wrote an article that included 30 irritating phases at work. The list is as follows:

1. Going forward 11. Drill-down 21. End of play
2. Touch base 12. It's on my radar 22. No brainer
3. Best of breed 13. Low hanging fruit 23. Reach out
4. Dive deeper 14. Think outside the box 24. Positive momentum
5. On my plate 15. At the end of the day 25. Run the numbers
6. Touch points 16. Keep your eye on the ball 26. Back to the drawing board
7. Get the ball rolling 17. Bang for your buck 27. Close the deal
8. When the rubber hits the road 18. Shift paradigm 28. Move the needle
9. Game-changing 19. Move the goal post 29. Value added
10. Win-win 20. Across the piece 30. All hands on deck

What do you think of the list? What are your least favorite phrases? I find myself most irritated when someone says, "Let's connect." No, let's not, I'm happy to speak with you though!
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