The Two Recruiting Metrics That Actually Are Worth Measuring

Posted January 20 2015
Recruiters should expand their metrics beyond cost-to-hire and time-to-hire, claims Paul Petrone in a recent article titled The Two Recruiting Metrics That Actually Are Worth Measuring. While a better measure of ROI, quality-of-hire cannot be directly attributed to recruiters - recruiters are responsible for identifying candidates aligned with hiring manager needs, while hiring managers are accountable for ensuring the hired candidates work out.

Thus, Paul points out two key metrics recruiters should measure:

1) Percentage of Referrals Who Take A Job - The most important metric for recruiters.  The higher the number, the better recruiters are aligning candidates with hiring manager needs.
2) Overall Candidate Experience - Delivering a positive candidate experience improves applicant pools and according to a CareerBuilder survey, results in a higher likelihood of the candidates becoming customers.

While recruiters are not solely responsible for quality-of-hire, CTK believes they shouldn't lose sight of the metric given they're part of the equation.  Through working with hiring managers and other company practitioners, a clear, objective set of knowledge, skills, behaviors, abilities, etc. required for the position can be developed to not only assess fit for the position, but also performance post-hire.  
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