5 Critical Priorities HR Can't Afford to Ignore in 2015

Posted January 19 2015

In a recent TLNT article titled 5 Critical Priorities HR Can't Afford to Ignore in 2015, author Jean Martin from CEB outlines 5 key trends for 2015:

1. Attract and retain "enterprise contributors" - Develop employees who perform well individually and who accomplish tasks by working effectively with and through others.  Firms with enterprise contributors outperform their peers by 5 percent and 11 percent on year-over-year revenue and profit growth, respectively.

2. Don't make yourself appealing to all candidates, just good ones - Rather than "branding for appeal" campaigns (e.g., a 'great place to work') use "branding for influence" campaigns (e.g., spend $ on most important talent segments and challenge their thinking).

3. Teach employees how to learn, not just what to learn - Stop wasting time on developing irrelevant L&D training material; leading firms increase employee awareness of how to learn (not just what to learn) and use learning technology that help employees develop learning behaviors, and not just consume content.

4. Make the HR team more valuable - Many heads of HR have invested heavily in developing their HR teams to improve this sad statistic but most over invest in improving individuals and don’t do enough to change the organizational culture in which their teams must work.

5. Don't mistake high-performing for high-potential - A high-potential employee (HiPo) program, which is many firms’ main investment to develop their future leaders, is statistically more likely to fail than succeed.  Many firms still wrongly assume that a high performer is also a HiPo. In fact, only one-in-seven high performers are HiPos. The reason mistakes are so often made is that there is rarely an objective selection process in place; decisions are rarely backed by any science.  


CTK agrees with all of these growing trends, and believes they're all interconnected.  By strengthening the HR function, HR professions can more effectively attract and retain strong candidates and develop all employees, especially HiPos.  We believe HR can become more valuable, and strengthen its foundation through leveraging competency-based talent management.  This approach ensures objectivity and enables companies to assess and develop candidates/employees and identify HiPos based on current and future core values, traits, behaviors, skills, knowledge, abilities, etc.  

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