Giving Job Postings the Boot

Posted June 23 2014

In a recent article, Andrew R. McIlvaine discusses Zappos’ new approach to recruiting. They’ve done away with job postings and have transitioned to using an online community called Zappos Insiders where recruiters can learn more about the candidates (who are both actively and passively looking for opportunities) by chatting with candidates and getting to know them. Zappos has taken this approach, a recent trend in talent-relationship management, because it claims that the traditional recruiting method that is too transactional.

Zappos is proactive in leading this new recruiting approach but this trend may not be relevant to many companies. Job seekers often come across companies due to posted jobs (they may not have known about the company prior to the listing). That said, when jobs are posted, employers often find it challenging to find the right candidate. If they have a constant pool of active and passive candidates, theoretically, Zappos would always have someone that could be a right fit for the job.

In the interim as companies experiment with the types of recruiting, it seems that the ideal recruiting approach is to use a combination of an online talent pool with traditional job postings, as described by Susan Vitale, chief marketing officer at talent-management vendor iCIMS.

If companies assess candidate competencies (actively or passively) they can more effectively maintain a talent pool for current and future job openings, as well as more accurately assess whether or not the candidate may be a good fit. The recruiting formula will continue to be experimented with, and whether via an online posting or through relationship building, at the end of the day, the candidate will need to be interviewed and selected based on a number of criteria.

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