The 5 Attributes of High-Performing Employees

Posted April 18 2014

high-performerSlow and steady may win the race, but you need a star to make real progress. TLNT shares attributes to look for when hiring.


  • Resumes offer clues on people's performance abilities. Graduating summa cum laude with a double major? Overachiever.
  • "Do or do not. There is no try." Ask candidates what they’d do in hypothetical situations, noting how well and how quickly they can construct a reasonable solution.
  • High performers have goals. Long-term and short-term, and they know how to get there.
  • They are ambitious. You never have to motivate a high performer, they have a clear sense of direction on where they're heading.
  • They are great at managing time. High performers have a balanced work-life.


We couldn't agree more with the author. Ultimately, performance matters. The best predictor of a high performing employee, more so than traits, is a consistent track record of performance over time in varied situations. Also, instead of selecting 5 universal traits, create a competency model for a role and then look for candidates with a track record of success and the specific competencies required for the role.

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