How to Stop Your Rock-Star Talent From Fleeing

Posted April 07 2014

cultureContrary to popular beliefs, the correlation between job satisfaction and compensation is very weak. Instead, here are some useful strategies on how to retain your talent.


  • Implement a kickass company culture - Your employees spend at least 40 hours a week at the office. Cultivate a place where they want to go to work everyday.
  • Ensure perks are aligned with employees' needs - Cater perks to your employees' needs. If you have active employees, consider a wellness program.
  • Get on the same page as your millennial staff -  Understand what makes millennial ticks.
  • Provide a career path for employees -  Talent will only stay when there's room to grow.


In addition, being a great leader makes people want to stay and work for you. Be the person you want to hire, lead by example.

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