Tips on Using Big Data in Talent Acquisition

Posted February 26 2014

big-dataBig data continues to expand and dive deeper into multiple facets of the workplace.  Companies hear more about big data every day - about data scientists, data artisans and visualization specialists, and what they can do to effect business results. In a recent webinar presented by Shahbaz Alibaig, Recruitment Technology Leader for Global Talent Acquisition General Electric Company, he offers tips on using big data in talent acquisition.


Alibaig mentions the major analyses HR should do in order to leverage big data in talent acquisition. Some of the analysis HR should be doing includes:

  • Interaction between posted job title and number of applicants.
  • Maximum ideal number of interviews for a candidate.
  • Terms that drive higher quality candidates.
  • Correlation between candidate NPS (net promoter survey score) and quality of hire.
  • Correlation of source of hire, retention, and performance of your employees.
  • Correlation between performance of a leadership role hire and organizational growth.
  • Sources (search engine, job boards, social media, etc.) that give you the best ROI.
  • Pre-hire segmentation and prioritization.


CTK recommends that organizations clearly outline how big data will be used before making an investment.  How will collection of 3rd party salary information impact our compensation strategy?  What social data should we collect (e.g., Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn)?  What analytical models can be created to influence hiring decisions?  At what frequency do we need to collect and analyze this information?  Ultimately, the behaviors measured through big data collection and advanced analytics should align with the behaviors within your competencies and competency-based talent management processes.

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