3 Steps for Finding Your Next Top Performer

Posted December 15 2013

competency-assessmentsAccording to Entrepreneur, "average" employees are costing your company more money than you think. In a study they conducted with a growing franchise organization in the remodeling industry, they found that the average monthly sales for the franchises run by top performers were more than $100,000 greater than those run by the average, run-of-the mill managers. The franchises run by the average managers were still bringing in revenue ($151,716 every month vs. $259,200 from the locations run by top performers). But in looking at the big picture, the company was losing millions of dollars every month in potential sales. Beyond that, they were also losing an opportunity to create a collaborative, energetic culture that only occurs when employees are truly engaged in their work.


Finding your next top performers is not as difficult as most would think, but it does require time and patience. Following are three steps for consideration:

  • Analyze what your current top performers have that distinguishes them.
  • Consider an in-depth personality profile for assessing prospective employees.
  • Schedule open conversations with employees around their strengths.


In alignment with these 3 steps, CTK suggests using a competency model approach to define a 'top performer'. This includes 'what your current top performers have that distinguishes them'.  You can also use a competency assessment (based on a 'top performer' competency model) to assess prospective employees.  This approach will give your 'average' employees a more definitive idea of what they should improve, and facilitate more productive conversations on strengths and development areas. 

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