Unleash Performance of Multigenerations With Connectional Intelligence

Posted December 15 2013

MultigenerationWhat is Connectional Intelligence (CxQ)? According to a recent webinar hosted by Erica Dhawan, CxQ is the capability to consistently deliver breakthrough innovation and results by harnessing the value of relationships and networks. CxQ is used to innovate growth, solve highly complex challenges, marshal resources and knowledge fast, unleash full workforce potential, eliminate waste, enable interdisciplinary science breakthroughs, and develop all future leaders-executives to high potentials.  Fully utilizing CxQ will drive growth, grow talent, manage risk, enable interdisciplinary breakthroughs, and allow leaders to maximize impact.

CxQ is made up of following four fundamental capabilities - curiosity, courage, combination and combustion; one, a few, or all of which can be deployed at once.

  • Curiosity is the ability to gain a broader, peripheral perspective on a phenomenon and use it as a catalyst for action.
  • Courage is the ability to begin charged and difficult discussions despite power to silence.
  • Combination is the ability to take different ideas, resources or products and combine them to create an entirely new concept or product, generate a new way of thinking, and develop surprising new results.
  • Combustion is the ability to mobilize and curate diverse networks and resources in pursuit of a goal.

So how can you utilize CxQ to get your employees of different generations to work together? Here are some questions to help generate ideas.

  • How can you use different tools and forums to broaden your perspective before you solve a problem?
  • How can you engage with the most useful crowd(s) and garner the optimal wisdom from participation in the crowd?
  • How can you source and combine information and knowledge from inside and outside your workplace?
  • How will you place yourself in the optimal forums and collaborate with others?


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