Talent Management: Introverts vs Extroverts

Posted December 08 2013

talent-management-introvert-extrovertWho do you think is more likely to be successful - introverts or extroverts? An article from Recrion says we need a combination of the two. CTK agrees.

Introverts and extroverts bring very different skills, ideas and personal qualities to the table, which every team and business needs to succeed. Think of the most successful business partnerships this decade. Apple’s Steve Jobs is rightly held up as one of the great innovators and showmen of the modern era, but his success was achieved in partnership with Steve Wozniak, who is naturally shy, tech-minded, introverted and preferred working alone. Extrovert confidence + introvert reflective thinking = Apple’s success.

Similarly, introverts and extroverts excel in different competencies. For example, an introvert might be skilled in active listening while an extrovert may be better at verbal communication. When building teams, CTK suggests considering a mix of both personalities.

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