He's Not Ready To Be Promoted (But He Thinks He Is)

Posted December 08 2013

competency-based-performanceAn employee thinks he's ready to be promoted. You don't. You know he'll get there, but for now he needs to listen. Here are some tips from SmartBlogs:

  • Understand his perspective - Get him to share why he thinks he's ready.
  • Compassionate straight talk - Share your honest view and offer support.
  • Shadowing - Have him shadow you and expose him to the job.
  • Skip level meeting - Encourage a meeting with your boss and have her explain what she looks for in the new position.
  • Stories - Share your own career stories.
  • Expand his scope - Find ways to increase the challenge and expose him to broader pressures in his current role.
  • Tangible actions - Come up with a specific tangible actions in his development plan.
You can also build a competency model for the promoted position and have the employee take a competency assessment to determine readiness.  If the employee is not ready you will find gaps, and sharing these gaps with him will help get him to see your perspective. You can then devise an actionable development plan to mitigate these competency gaps.  
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