Top 3 Talent Acquisition Misconceptions

Posted November 12 2013

A recent article over at Recruiting Blogs discussed the top 3 talent acquisition misconceptions:

  1. competency-based-talent-acqusitionA good salary attracts top performers - A high salary is a good start but some people work for personal fulfillment or to accomplish goals. Offering a competitive salary is important but other factors like the company's reputation, opportunities for training and career progression is just as important.
  2. Experienced candidates should always get the job - Hiring the right people will reduce turnover. While an experienced candidate may seem tempting, hiring individuals who can fit well within the organization should be a priority as well.
  3. Recruiting talent stops at hiring - Effective organizations extend their acquisition process to on-boarding. An effective on-boarding program can retain your talent much longer than you think.
There is much more to talent acquisition than salary and experience, and human capital management extends well beyond recruiting.  Job definitions and expectations should incorporate not only technical competence, but also core values and personal traits (e.g., dedication) to ensure candidate cultural fit, and alignment of employee and organizational goals.  Assessment of these competencies and behaviors at time of hire, and on an on-going basis, will provide a means to facilitate targeted employee on-boarding/development and objective performance measurement and rewards, both of which have been shown to improve employee productivity and satisfaction.
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