The Unskilled Of Today Are The Skilled Of Tomorrow

Posted November 11 2013
A recent blog article on HR Ring Leader discussed the future of work. The author points out that the view we currently have on what we consider skilled and unskilled is outdated. In the future, there will be skills required that are beyond our current understanding (similar to the previously unknown demand for baristas that Starbucks created), and it will require certain characteristics and personalities that are in-built in people. Society often worries about leaving the unskilled behind, but if you think about it, technical skills are easily replaceable. We can see that happening more now as technical jobs are outsourced.

Therefore, the author believes that skills such as creativity and project management are much more useful -- for now and the future. Organizations should set out to find raw talent, technical skills will be learned on the job.

CTK believes that regardless of which skills become a commodity, the organizations best prepared for future skills will be those that clearly and continuously define, manage and assess the competencies (skills, knowledge, abilities, behaviors, traits, etc.) required for their organization.  Once the competencies required for organizational success are clearly understood, companies can then decide for themselves which skills, abilities, etc. are easiest to develop, and focus their energy appropriately.
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